Before graduating beauty school Brittany was offered a position in a busy Manhattan salon as a stylist and makeup artist. After a successfull season in NYC she returned home to her family in Naples, Florida and immediatly resumed a salon position behind the chair as well as freelancing before finally starting Tickled Pink Artistry.

 Brittany's sole interest when she enrolled in cosmetology school was to pursue the art of cutting and coloring hair but then she explored makeup and never looked back! Letting go of one was never an option as she found them both to be complimentary of one another.

 Mastering hair and makeup artistry together is very challenging as it demands one be greatly attentive to detail and possess solid skills that can be adapted to a variety of clients. Brittany's approach to every individual's style is to become as invested in the purpose as possible. This allows her to truly see your vision and deliver results that are perfectly customized and unique to you.

 Beauty shoots, editorial work, weddings and runway all have one thing in common... women. The timing, color palettes, and source of direction are extremely different. Brittany's success in each field comes from her ability to communicate effectivly and above all understand your vision.