I strongly believe that makeup and hair artistry should enhance a womans natural beauty not create a mask to hide behind. It's interesting when meeting a client for their first beauty shoot or a model for her hundredth ad shoot, I always find an unexpected level of confidence proving that beauty lies deeper than the skin. When I consult with a bride and she feels the need to drastsically change her apperance for the wedding I always ask she puts herself in the grooms shoes and remember why he loves her sooo much!

 As women we are many times our worst critic. If we are not comparing ourselves to how other women look then we are comparing ourselves to how we used to look. While I love being adventurous with hair and makeup, I am most passionate about giving women the minimum they need to maximize what they already have! 

 Being a professional in two trades I get to enjoy the benefits of having twice the pleasure with every job. It is a delicate balance to stay current and well educated in two lines of work but because they are so complimentary I find many transferrable skills and principles that give me an eye for bringing out the best in every client.

 From conceptualizing styles and palettes to organizing my gear, there is not a single detail left untouched. Tickled Pink Artistry is my pride and joy and I obsess over things like,

  • Sanitary tools and stringent cleansing routines
  • High quality product that I personally test and challenge through photography
  • Continuing education and creative collaborations
  • Inspirational material for me and my clients
but above all, I am commited to revealing true beauty one mom, woman, and "wife to be" at a time!